Western Australia has mandated that all CBCT’s scans need to have a radiology report.

Eliminate your medico legal risks by using Next Healthcare – Our radiologists are specialist trained to detect pathology and trauma that may be present.

The 3D data set and and large field of view from CBCT means more information especially in the brain, sinuses and cervical spine – DON’T GET CAUGHT OUT. Elevate your clinic to best practice status with our service.

Why Choose Our CBCT Radiology Reporting Service?

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Receive detailed and comprehensive radiology reports Australian Registered Radiologists, that include clear annotations and actionable recommendations to support your treatment planning.

  • Fast Turnaround

    We understand the importance of time in your practice. Our streamlined processes guarantee quick report delivery, allowing you to proceed with patient care without delays.

  • Medico-Legal Risk Elimination

    By ensuring accurate and expertly interpreted CBCT reports, we help protect your practice from potential medico-legal issues, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on patient care.

  • Critical Findings Alert

    We contact you immediately if one of your patients has a critical finding and advise of next steps.

Q & A

Yes it’s free to you and your patients.

You take your CBCT scans as usual and they are sent automatically to Next for reporting.

We set up a sending function on your CBCT that communicates with our systems. This process takes no more than 30 minutes. There is no software required.

There is no contract, you can use our service whenever you like. No minimums, no set up costs, no term.

You will receive a radiology report from an Australian accredited radiologist.

The report will contain the necessary information in relation to the CBCT and stated clinical indications. It will highlight any pathology or trauma present on the complete data set not only the dentition.

The radiologist or support staff will contact your clinic and advise you of the finding. That will include guidelines on how to best manage the patient.

You will receive your patient radiology reports within 3 business days. Adverse findings are communicated immediately.

Medico legal responsibility shifts to the radiologist from the dentist, the radiologist has particular insurance that covers them. Dentists do not have this insurance especially if they miss an adverse finding in an area outside their skill set such as sinusus and brain.

You can be up and running withing 24hrs.

Contact Cassie on 0438 874 269 or Belinda on 0423 669 255